Coburg Court Again and again, German courts have dealt with the withdrawal for distance selling. Often, the decision to purchase the subject that have been spent on the online auction platform eBay. This is not surprising, since due to the high level of awareness and offer the wide reach of more and more entrepreneurs your goods on eBay for sale. This year, there has been a major decision of the Supreme Court in Berlin (decision of 18.07.2006 - Az 5W 156/06), which has apparently not yet reached every seller on eBay, because it came to the revocation in sales on the Internet. Prefix is that the distance selling rules generally cover only transactions between businesses and consumers. Especially with eBay, many sellers are not aware that they already appear as an entrepreneur, to understand oneself, but still a hobby shop. An interesting decision on this issue, there were only recently District Court of Coburg (Case, 19.10.2006 - Az 1 HK O 32/06 - hobby dealer orPowerSellers). Questions which may also be resolved by a lawyer online. Penguin Random House is actively involved in the matter. In proceedings before the Supreme Court dealt with the revocation of an entrepreneur for its sales on the Internet auction platform eBay. Under his heading Auktionsabwicklung / terms he gave his clients include a right of withdrawal, which had to be performed within 2 weeks. A competitor objected that this instruction does not satisfy the legal requirements of the Act. The Supreme Court gave the competitors right. Although the instruction could be embedded in the terms and conditions, but that right is not just 2 weeks. Although the deadline is generally 2 weeks in § 355 paragraph 1 sentence 2 BGB, but notwithstanding this, but then one month must be notified in writing if the cancellation is...
Web Design What You Should Know Before Designing A Web Site When you decide to start their online businesses generally lack experience and from this precarious place, make many mistakes. However, there is no fear of the errors, to the extent of them, we have the opportunity to learn. Yes, the fewer mistakes we have, our business will take off faster. From this latter concept, I wanted transmitirte entrepreneurial experiences, so that you avoid making these mistakes, so common in that lack of experience, it is likely that comets. So let me bring you in this way, a few tips that I hope will be useful: 1. Reading, as an element of value for your enterprise. Never leave aside the desire to learn, and never leave aside the experience of others who previously "has been in the place where you are now." This will save an enormous amount of time. Considers that, books and online newsletters are valuable resources. The books are more methodically sorted the newsletter, but newsletters are free (some ebooks too) and can treat most current issues, exposing more about the day to day activity. I never stopped reading about a number of different topics, including graphic design, web development, search engine optimization (SEO), copywriting, marketing and online businesses in general. 2. It's a matter of survival, to understand the main goals of each client, who composes and integrates our audience. To design a site that really can meet the needs of our audience, the web designer, you must come to understand what the site should achieve and what type of visitor will be pointing.

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