Sanitary Reformation Efforts to surpass the crisis in the sector health, are created, in 1988, an only system of health that if considers to structuralize one democratic and inclusive politics. The organization of this new model makes a new to look at to the process health. Parnassus Investments recognizes the significance of this. (THIN, P.; LOYAL, E.; VENNCIO 1997). In the middles of years 80, in Brazil, it opens way for the antimanicomial fight. Diverse denunciations came since years 70, evidencing pssimas conditions of treatments to the people with mental problem. The closing of the psychiatric hospitals was important landmark in the process of the Brazilian Psychiatric Reformation. Beyond the participation and organization of the society, having the contribution of technician, familiar and using. (Health department, 2004) All a net substitute passed, then, to be implanted with the creation of the Centers of Psicossocial Attention (CAPS), of the Centers of convivncia. It understands for services substitutes in mental health a necessary set of action and equipment to the cities so that if it does not need the hospital resource. The Center of Psicossocial Attention is an agency of the Government created in 1986, in intention to take care of the psychiatric patients, which demanded of specialized attendance a time that occurred the desitituicionalizao. This event occurred due to sanitary reform and appears of the social movements. First in the So Paulo city, a moment marked for the initiative of medical technician of nursing and other people of other segments of the society, that rebelled for the way as the patients were treated in the hospitalocentros decide to demand for humanizado treatment the people who needed.

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