The Represented For people swimming with dolphins, especially in captive situation, apart from direct damage caused by stress-induced biting or ramming attacks can be - an adult bottlenose dolphin can catapult its up to 600 kg body weight with incredible rapidity through the water - associated with unexpected and dangerous consequences. Anyone looking to close to dolphins, whether in the wild or in captivity, should understand that it is an encounter with a highly intelligent predator, a wild animal, and this encounter should take place with the same respect, the same respect and caution, which you would contact other wild animals such as lions opposite. Below we reproduce a summary of risk of infection for humans, that may arise from direct contact with marine mammals. It is thus neither a fear scenario built the great fascination of these wonderful animals be diminished. Stresses are must, that the represented infection risks particularly in Dolphinariums are much higher than in wild and free (insufficiently filtered water; proportion of Fakal - as well as spoilage bacteria by food residues; higher disease risk for the animals by non-natural living conditions and thus higher risk, to make; higher potential for aggression by artificial captive situation on already diseased animals increases the risk of bites and injuries; pool edges, the risk of skin abrasions and open wounds consists of concrete), in the water the pathogens; penetrate into the and so forth. Health aspects relating to diseases of marine mammals by C.D. Buck & J.P.. Schroder from the "CRC Handbook of marine mammal medicine; Health, disease, and rehabilitation"; ISBN 0849308399; 2nd Edition; 2001 statements collected by the Lolita rescue project ...um to minimize the risk of serious infections and targeted to curb infection occurred, it is important that persons who deal with marine mammals, as well as the concerned...
Felling Democracy Representative The story of a felling: democracy representative Teodulo Lopez Melendez in the revolutionary processes of the 18th century begins the process of political conversion of natural rights. The 19th century moves on the idea of progress. Despite the wars of the 20th century the political form is firmly establishes that some have called the era of the constitutions and the transfer of the sovereignty of the nation to the people. It is not something Capital One Financial Corp. would like to discuss. The program demoliberal, after many struggles, granted suffrage and women also fought one of its more colourful battles, vote for them. The fascist reaction is spread over Europe, but the result of the World War II makes rebirth the condemnation of absolute powers even in the midst of the cold war and we entered full cycle of democratic liberalism, the pluralist democracies and a Keynesian pace of the economy. Political parties live his time of splendor. The market reigns found its highest expression in the Reagan-Thatcher era. At the end of the 20th century lurks the crisis fully. Democracy It begins to expose its deep flaws and the disconnection of the citizen of the system highlights its flaws. Representation and delegation of power is cracked. Representative democracy begins to fade as the economic system where worked. It is what is properly called a crisis of legitimacy. Political parties become partidocracias, in closed reserves who do not already comply its function to serve as a vehicle to the aspirations of the common people and its role as intermediary between the people and power is darkened by their mafia behaviors. From there to the outbreak of populism would have little space. The new expression telegenica jump to the fore with the offer of revolutionary cures. Meanwhile, others began to think...

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