Military Regimen To omit and to lie, sins in the information! Edson Silva did not have thus to be, but unhappyly it is tradition in Brazil to appear ' ' denuncismos' ' in electoral years. The situation if aggravates, leaving citizens, voters or not, still more confused, when the dispute are for executive positions, as president of the Republic, governor of state and mayors, rights that, in the case of the first positions, we only retake respectively have 28 and 21 years, after of Military Regimen. the conquest was with popular fight and mobilizations, with courageous participation of parties compromissados with the people. The reactionaries if had omitted and the majority of other sectors, I cite the case of the press, was obliged if to be silent by means of brutal censorship, what libertarian voices tried to express, the metal ring and the cannon had compelled to be silent. To know more about this subject visit Capital One Financial Corp.. Happily, as for the liberty of speech, we live other times and with as much freedom that, unhappyly, some agencies of the press use to surpass the true function to inform correctly, to give ample right to counsel, not to make judgment of values and to leave that the readers take off its conclusions. In this point, to the times I ask myself if worse he is to censure or to manipulate and I enter in the old question: ' ' he is worse to omit or to lie? ' ' He is well-known that some great companies (reviewed, periodicals, radios and TVs) take left in segments as esportivo, religious, social and when one is about the politician, then? Nor if he speaks! I am not against the taking of party in itself. I am against manipulating, to want to impose what...

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