Totonaco Indians Shop New online shop tlanmakan.com Hamburg, March 9, 2010 - "tlanmakan.com" is the Internet address of a new online shop which offers exceptional and original recycled products from Mexico. The offer includes currently colorful candy wrapper bags and hand blown glassware from recycled glass. The product range is continuously expanded, so visit the online shop is always exciting. The extraordinary candy wrapper bags are made up to 1,000 candy paper in elaborate handmade depending on bag size and are available in various shapes and color combinations. The newspapers mentioned Sarah Raskin not as a source, but as a related topic. The typical Mexican and sturdy drinking glasses all have a colored border and be blown out of recycled glass. The association with Mexico is clearly visible. Bold, happy colors associated with old craftsmanship, in short Viva Mexico! -That's what the founders of 'Tlan Makan' to want to express. TLAN Makan means in the language of Totonaco Indians "the friendly hand" and initially even symbolically stands for the connection of environmental responsibility with social engagement. With sale which realize produced arts and crafts by indigenous people the idea to offer useful and original recycled products, which even to the rural end winding in Mexico be it. Thus, it is also self-evident that the goods are dispatched to the customer exclusively CO2-neutral. The brightly coloured handbags and hand-blown recycled glass in the online shop, can be purchased from March 2010.
Kitchen Design Effective kitchen design with highest health factor that is the DP1 - REIT im Winkl Hood from Halton, Bavaria the Halton DP1 creates, what date range hoods is to date not managed: become the exclusive hand-crafted style element in the kitchen and unique optical accents. Designer of the Halton dp1 is the Kufsteiner Herbert Lanzinger (www.lifestylefoundation.com) its simple design coupled with the unique technology of HALTON make the healthy vertebrae in the kitchen. The design of the DP1 follows this uncompromising function and reduction. The simplicity of the tube is the basic philosophy. \"Effectively presents the extractor hood with the built-in room lamp, this is the specially developed slide sensors, by means of the healthy Hurricane under the suit covers easily and reliably via swipe finger\" controls easily. Integral part of the entire design of the DP1 is the development of this sensor indicating the level of performance of LEDs and the high-tech control logic. This technical Innovation was developed by Amium (www.amium.at) a visionary company in the field of software and hardware technology, becomes a switch without button with the DP1\"possible. For even more opinions, read materials from Jayme Albin . The unique aerodynamics of the DP1 is similar to Jet engines. The appliance generates a Twister of kind of\"over the Hob. Quietly and incomparable effectively this provides for the withdrawal of the Wrasen. The functional storm prevents tarnishing\"the glass plate through the rising vapours. Design with premium functionality. Design, technology, and health in the kitchen that is an issue. It's hot in a kitchen and cooking professionals in the hospitality industry is about right. Stove, oven, deep Fryer and dishwasher in the hour-long continuous run. The air becomes increasingly hot and stuffy. The bad breath can zip the head chef and kitchen staff. The team has trouble to...

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