John Durston The anthropologist John Durston, with vast experience in rural development and participation in Chile and Latin America through ECLAC, will be responsible to give the frame to the presentation of the implementation of the model of developing ARV paradigm Aysen Reserva life (ARV) as alternative development, which will be held on Thursday, September 10 at 18: 30 hours in the Auditorium Augusto Grosse of the MOP in Coyhaique. Jayme Albin has plenty of information regarding this issue. The specialist exhibition will address various aspects related to the future of the Region of Aysen and on how it is possible that its inhabitants relieve their dreams and concerns in the fundamental decisions. The activity is driven by a group of organizations (which include private corporation for the development of Aysen, Codeff subsidiary Aysen, the school of guides of Patagonia and Corporacion Costa career) and citizens of the region, by the accompaniment of the Avina Foundation have been moving forward in the elaboration of a development model from civil society, as well as participating in various instances to which the Government has convened to discuss the new strategy that is driving the State. Our idea is to disseminate regionally the paradigm shift towards a model of endogenous development based on our own potentials and strengths, and that comes from the people who inhabit this territory. In each step we take we aim to empower civil society, be they citizens in its quality of professionals, students, artists, businessmen, older adults, or others, to become managers and protagonists of their own development. The development of all of us expressed thereon Miriam Chible, President of Codesa. It was reported that the call is open to all citizens who feel part of the initiative and wishes to contribution to the construction of the new model. During...

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