United States They have also imposed a change in labor, economic, cultural and social relations, and a change in the way of thinking of the own individuos.Como other contributions of ICT have: easy access to a vast source of information process, fast and reliable of all kinds of data communication channels immediate storage capacity automation of work interactivity digitization of information all people in the world, without differences of classes, races and/or disabilities, they should easily have access to knowledge and information, but unfortunately in today's world the reality falls far short of being able to achieve that dream, and despite the tireless battle they star some people so that things change, is still much to do in that regard. With respect to the foregoing in the World Summit on the information society in Geneva 2003, in the Declaration of principles is strongly advocated to ensure that ICT applications were for the benefit of all aspects of life and in this respect were reflected numerous approaches. A summary (table 1.1) below is compiled from a report of the Government of the United States in which is reflected the situation that presents the world with regard to access to the Internet and what represents this access with regard to the population 3 1.1 table. Internet access by geographical regions. Regionusuarios connected to Internet (in millions) % of the total number of users connected to the Internet % compared to the total population of the Regionee.uu and canada162.84077europa113.962815.6asia109.89 271.8america Latina16.2842.67? frica4.0710.45Total407100 these data are very worrying because they clearly reflect how ICTs are not getting evenly to everyone in our society. According to the Dr. Pere Marques Graells, of the University of Barcelona, Spain, in spite of the magnificent credentials that make ICT instruments highly useful for anyone, and of course indispensable for every...
Guevara It gives you shame for the way in which you look? Although all people have an attractive in its own way, that does not help to change way in how you feel. People who undergo cosmetic surgery often have as sole purpose the improve your appearance. If you're depressed with the signs of aging, if your face is loose after a big loss of weight, or just want a change, a cosmetic facelift surgery can be an option to make you consider it seriously. 3. Already has examined other options as pleasant as it is to improve your appearance by subjecting you to a surgical facelift is important to know that there are other options. For example, scars or marks that resemble stretch marks can also be eliminated with laser surgery, unlike the other that uses the scalpel. Under most conditions Medicare Advantage would agree. There are also a large number of products for sale that have been created to help reduce wrinkles and delay the signs of aging. Although the surgery produces faster results especially when compared with the excess of these products, the cosmetic surgery costs more money. 4 Have you had bad reactions to an excess of products as already indicated above there are alternatives to surgical facelifts. One of these alternatives is the use of skin care products. There are products that are created for the scars, acne and wrinkles. Another sign indicating that a surgical facelift may be of greater interest to you is if you have tried some of these products without success. 5 You want results and want them now of course, when undergoes a surgical lifting is important to remember that you will need time to recover. Both your body and your skin will in particular have to rest. Laser surgery often...

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