Designers Doctors and physicians are excited about the book novelty 'In the light of healing' Heidelberg. The new book * In the light of healing * (ISBN: 3839108734) by the authors Sylvia Poth and Jessica Hund is a work that is taken seriously by doctors. Now we know that the spirit and the soul which are main factors for health and success that they determine our lives. In the light of healing "is taken in medical circles very seriously, because it is realistic and it is explained that not everything is curable such as disability or incurable diseases. Disability or incurable diseases are often congenital and accompany the person concerned through the whole life. You should build a good relationship to such diseases and treat them like a good friend, which belongs to us. This one creates a good basis, to cope with the disease. Everyone should accept himself as he is and make the best of his life. All of these themes in the book are treated, it is also for doctors and An asset, because it gives them better insight into the issues psychologists mediated. It helps, however, concerned to better deal with their suffering and to draw new courage to face life. In the book it becomes clear that disease is not a punishment. Sylvia Poth said: you can't be entirely incurable but happy. I myself can not be cured and live according to the rules imposed on me my illness. I myself live no worse than a healthy person in the opposite: I am active and above all I look forward, that I may live. I see life differently because I know appreciate it in such a way, how a healthy person may never do this. In the light of healing"is an advisor and textbook for anyone....
Locksmith Between Tradition The modern Locksmithing by BMT Metalltechnik which offers Bavarian Metalltechnik GmbH in Kranzberg their customers on a wide range of professional work around the themes of Locksmithing, construction plumber as well as facade elements. Also in terms of the materials used are almost no limits, both aluminium and copper as also a wide range of steels are used for the production of high-quality metal products. The company now has a considerable history and also benefits from the know-how of its predecessor "old man roofing". The combination of continuous high customer satisfaction and experience makes the company so successful. Is the motto that basically any challenge is to deal with in all business areas. BMT Metalltechnik considered in the areas of facades and metal construction expert for special and custom products. Customer satisfaction and good service are essential elements of our corporate philosophy like on the highest quality standards. To give you a short overview of the services to give our company the following introducing closer the individual divisions. Facade elements that delight who are true let the dream of homeownership would like, which is assigned to every nook and cranny on professional help and expert advice. Shell, lining and Interior must be precisely planned and implemented carefully so that the building corresponds to the own ideas at the end. The facade represents one of the most important aspects when building a House and decisively characterizes with especially the look of the building. The shell of the building is the Viewer already from a distance in the eye and is an expression of modern architecture and creativity. The modern architecture is meanwhile increasing demands on structural analysis, structure and strength of a building. This is where BMT Metalltechnik comes as an expert for facade elements in the game. The company knows...

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