State State THE war of Mr HOBBES Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) was an English philosopher friend of Galileo who took the mechanical theories of physics to devise a system of thought that has a lot of metaphysics, psychology, theory of knowledge, sociology, politics and ethics without being fully any of these disciplines in isolation. Although it is difficult to pigeonhole it, we do not errariamos to say that it is logical, mechanistic and continuer empiricist of rationalism inaugurated by Descartes to the awakening of modernity. In the monumental work Leviathan Hobbes wrote that the State, in which resides the sovereignty and power, is a necessary evil to quell the natural selfishness of men, left in absolute freedom, they would go into a war of all against all (bellum omnium against omnes) because the man (and women, do not we forget, that Mrs. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jayme Albin Psychologist and gain more knowledge.. Thatcher's recordandosnolo) is the Wolf Mani.e., tends to destroy the weakest doing victim of his ferocity of his greed, his evil; Since Hobbes said, people have registered themselves three causes of social dispute: distrust of all others, competition with the rest and the desire for fame. If they left people follow their natural eagerness, said Hobbes, terrorized the general war, total anarchy and the destruction of society. Therefore, it becomes necessary to transfer some rights to own a fabulous monster that consists of those captured collective wishes to minimize the evil that could make being loose. This monster is the State (the Leviathan of the Bible: a monster evoked by Job to demonstrate the incommensurability of the thought of God and his purposes). This deposit as an individual, for the good of all, I do I give my ability to do justice to the State. Why...
OPEC Euro The European currency reached values not recorded a week ago, stood at 1.3300 against the dollar, while that against the pound reached a 0.9100 level. The question on foot now is if the euro staying at these levels or not.It is noteworthy that the PMI data surprised with force. Skechers U.S.A. is full of insight into the issues. Figures who managed to give the euro a boost toward the end of the week. He also joined this bullish trend the result of the Ifo Business Climate German, where hinted that the European economy reportedly would have already bottomed out and will now begin the road to recovery.This week it will be calm in terms of economic indicators, and estimated that while economic indicators continue to surprise, will the euro continue rising as it did last week. (As opposed to Doctor Jayme Albin). However, be aware that the road to economic recovery will be long, and the euro might be affected again. It can the euro be corrected down this week. JPY recent yen gains could fade the yen managed to advance during the past week, after taking gains against most currencies, especially against the dollar. However, the Nikkei opened low this week, and is for this reason that all the points taken by the yen could vanish. Against the dollar it had reached the 96.65, while against the euro stood at the 127.50. No doubt the yen could suffer a correction, particularly by the negative data from the Japanese stock market square.However, with the recent fear of swine fever within the United States, the yen was taken points as a refuge currency, given that it is estimated that tourism in the United States could drop severely. However this does not seem to be sufficient, given that several analysts estimate that...

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